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The Creators
written by una |


TKAngie, object maker

Living in the Western United States (Idaho), her two children are grown and have left the nest. In real life, her horses are now her obsession and the Sims™ are her creative outlet. Requests for stable or other horse-related items are welcome!

TK set up her own page and her later Sims2 items can be found at The Armchair Traveller and at T$R.
Debsy, object maker & Lady of lots

She is a mother of 2 children both in school and lives in the Midwest with her husband, the kids and a cat and dog each. She works part time as a Gerontological Nurse Practitioner. Her hobbies are LOTR recreations for the Sims™, reading and she loves to travel.
Una, skinner & object maker

Living in Germany and riding both horses and motorbikes, Una creates skins as well as objects. She has a PhD in English Literature, and works as freelance web designer and non-fiction book editor.
Grahame, skinner

16 years old he lives in Northern Ireland, and loves the history of fashion, and studies History, Art, Business Studies and Information Communication for his GCSEs. He is a very promising skinner for beautiful historic skins.
Manna, skinner

Living in Poland and having an Art degree, she creates beautiful vintage and modern skins.
Kristin, skinner extraordinaire


A little history ...
written by una |

So how did Cómhair come to pass?

It all started back in 2002 when I started out to create my own custom content for The Sims™. The site I associated with went quickly down the drain due to mismanagement. However, I met fellow creator and later partner in crime TKAngie there and when the site went down for the uptenth time, we decided to go solo. We had so many ideas and so many different themes running through our heads that this seemed to be the only way to get our cretions 'out there'. We wanted something new, something that showed to the world that two people from different countries and continents shared one big vision - never seen before creations for The Sims™ FOR FREE.

Soon Manna, a fellow skinner, joined us from the old site and we were roaring to go. Cómhair (unity) was born. Back in that day, internet bandwidth was a great issue and bandwidth was more costly than actual internet space, so we needed to find a place that gave us lots of bandwidth and space. I dedided to put it onto my own web site where bandwidth was not so much an issue but we soon found ourselves overwhelmed with bandwidth notices as our creations were highly sought after. So our association with Fileplanet as our host for the files began and has been ongoing ever since. Thank you for that, Gamespy :)

Cómhair soon became famous for its unique and high quality themes both in skins and objects ... and for the overall 'nothing we do we're taking serious' attitude that lacked in other bigger, more famous Sims™ sites at that time. During that time we reaped in a lot of awards and prizes ... and we are still damn proud of those.

At that time the three of us became four ... Grahame joined us shortly after, a teenage kid from the UK, whose skins became better and better with each update. Then Debsy had fallen in love with most of our themes (Hacienda, Giverny, LotR) and she and her lots joined us. She created the most wonderful lots with our objects and her LotR lots are still - in our humble opinion - outstanding.

With the introduction of The Sims2™ only TKAngie took up the challenge to create new content for this new game. I couldn't as my computer wouldn't let me even install the game and Manna had retired due to personal life events. Grahame also became busy with school and Debsy also had real life on her hands. But Kristin, an extraordinary mesher and skinner allowed us to host a couple of her files on our site as she had lost her webspace and so Kristin, the anonymous ;-) joined our little horde.

By 2007 the site was virtually dead. TK had continued with Sims2™ and created for Exotic Elements and her newer files can be found on TSR.
Other creators would have abandoned the site or even closed down - as so many have done ever since, but I wanted to keep the site alive so that people who still played The Sims™ were able to download all the creations we had so meticuoulsy laboured on.

So here we are ... 2011 ... and since the site has become an 'archive' there has even been an update with original content from time to time. Cómhair is not dead - the spirit still lives on.

© Una 2011

Self-Simming advertising
written by una |

Cómhair became notorious not only because of its quality content but because of its famous (or infamous?!:D) splash pages.

My idea of simming my fellow creators and myself was born out of a whimsical idea. How to advertise a new The Sims™ page? What started out as a whimsy soon became our trademark and a lot of people have enjoyed and saved the splashies where we - the creators - turned up in our themed skins or just wished everyone a special holiday. Some people asked me if I can't show those splashies again ... well I didn't save all of them but here are a few that I did save - please note that Kristin never revealed her true identity to us, so no photos or Self-Sims have been submitted. Click on the picture for a bigger version:

2003 - 2004

Click me
our first big update and theme - Mexican Hacienda & Dios de los Muertes
from left to right: Manna, TK & Una

Horse riding & stables

we went to India ... :P

Giverny ... perhaps our most famous theme up to date.

medieval garb for our medieval theme
(and see the blue/red gown, I was already working on LotR)

Another famous theme: our skins and objects for LotR ...

It's Christmas time :)

2005 - 2006

from left to right: TK, Grahame, Una & Manna

Still four in autumn ...

In Winter we were five ...
from left to right: Debsy, TK, Una, Grahame & Manna

With the intro of The Sims2™


Manna left us so we were four again:
Debsy, TK, Una & Grahame

The last one ... from there on we only had some non-personal images as a splash


  Latest Update

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