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Downloading from Fileplanet
written by una |

1. Register a free account at Fileplanet, then you can log in (make sure you have turned off your pop-up blockers).

2. Once you have followed a download link chose Free Public Servers and click download.

3. A small pop-up window will open which says "click here to begin download".
Please note that the free servers are sometimes busy and there will be a waiting line before the download link is available.

If you click a download link from this site, best way to do it is to right click and chose "Open In New Window ..." - this way you don't need to go back to the page in a new browser window.

PLEASE NOTE: Going directly to gamespy or fileplanet won't lead you to the free registration option anymore. If you follow a download link from our site, and it says log in and giving you the two paid registration options, there is a little text link at the top which says click here to register. That is the free d/l option. This is the direct link: click here

As of March 2011 all new files will be uploaded to

File Sharing & Cloning Policy
written by una |

Cómhair gives permission to clone with the following restrictions:

1. In the case that the creators of this site may use custom content of other NON comhair creators which is clearly stated in the readme.txt as well as on site, cloning and redistributing of this custom content is not permitted without giving credit to and acquiring permission of the original creators.

2. Any or all clones of Cómhair object content must be only distributed on a free website, with credit (a link back to our site & readme info) stating the source of those clones. Additionally, let us know where your recolours are on the net as we want to keep track where our stuff turns up on the net.

3. Donation sets may not be redistributed as original or clone on any website, be it free or pay.

4. Skins may NOT be recoloured, nor re-distributed on any other sites.

5. Redistributing our skins and objects on CDs to be offered for auction and/or fileshare/paysites sites are forbidden. If we catch these, we are entitled to 99 % of the proceeds, so you might think twice before using any of our stuff for any money making schemes of your own.

6. Only Cómhair files created by Una are allowed to be exchanged and shared in the Neighourhood99 POBS and similar groups.

Terms are subject to change and the staff may rescind or change file sharing policies in the future.
TK, Una, Kristin, Manna & Grahame

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