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A tiny SIMS2 all new update
written by una | Tuesday 10-May-2011 15:08

A real update. With Sims2 objects ... made by Una. For the time being these are only four recolours of the Pineapple flipframe, but at least it is a real update with new stuff. Idea came when I hung my own Keep Calm and Carry On poster in my kitchen. You can find the four recolours ... more to come soon, I'm on a SimPe binge here ... under Sims2 -> objects -> decorative.

The SIMS2 archive is opened again
written by una | Saturday 26-Mar-2011 21:20

After a long wait the archive for The Sims 2 is open again. Now you can download all the wonderful early creations made by TKAngie from

The pacific and a little history
written by una | Sunday 06-Mar-2011 10:08

Wow, an update ... with Sims1 skins :) Let me take you to the brilliant blue waters of the Pacific with two all skintones original skins of pareos, the traditional women's wear of Polynesia. Then let us cross the Pacific ocean to the North and enjoy the wonders and mysteries of Japanese Maiko and Geiko traditional garments, the furisode kimono. All can be found in Skins > World Collection.
Additionally, I have added a little history about Comhair Sims to the Creators page. Reminisent with us about how we started out and enjoy the old self-simming ads ... err splash pages.

Sims1 Archiving change
written by una | Friday 04-03-2011 10:54

From now on, uploaded files can be found on as Fileplanet no longer hosts files for free, but keeps the already uploaded files as free access. Please do NOT ask to have the files uploaded to any other on-line filesharing service as I am on a very slow internet connection since we have moved into the country. MU is the only one uploading comfortably without having to abandon my computer for days on end. Thank you.

I bear you gifts of old
written by una | Wednesday 19-08-2009 12:15

Another small update, consisting of old and new objects. Fixed the link to the Giverny Architrav in objects > themes > Giverny. The hanging Kimonos are old, once a birthday gift for Tuppence, a fellow Simmer, the kimono wall hangings are now freely available in objects > miscelleanous paintings. Additionally, a set of 3 rugs is now available in objects > rugs.

Fuyu no sakura
written by una | Friday 17-06-2009 11:34

A smallish update of garden decoration, namely cherry spring trees as well as one Winter Sakura tree with snow.

Sims1 Archive
written by una | Friday 02-01-2009 14:47

This site is an archive only. All object and skin makers have moved on from playing The Sims in all versions but to provide especially The Sims original players with downloads, this site is still online. All download files are hosted by Fileplanet. The Sims2 section is still offline, bear with me.

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